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Prime Time Print offers many options for custom shot glasseswholesale shot glass sales through our sister site The Glass mall, novelty shot glasses, as well as a large selection of imported collector’s shot glasses.  The Following links Connect you to individual pages of shot glass items.

Custom shot glasses cheap

Custom engraved shot glasses gives you the power to create shot glasses in a very affordable and cost efficient way.  Our shot glass are packaged as low as $0.75 designed with your business logo or desired image, artistic text display and multiple color options.

Custom Shot glasses Merry Christmas

Custom Shot glasses Merry Christmas image

We don’t charge a set up fee each time like the other companies, and we DON’T make you buy OVER A THOUSAND shot glasses to get great discounts like our competitors; we offer you the best rate because we are a company that understands how tough it is out there with the economy struggling worldwide; we are a community-based organization that is appreciative ofall business that we get during this rough time as we are a family-oriented company.   Contact us today at to get a quote

If you would like to get a quote, CALL TODAY!  231-736-4317 Prime Time customized shot glasses

Customized bulk Shot glass package just a quarter each!

The package includes any design you have, our one of our set designs.  You send us an image or a link to the image and we can turn it into a design for your shot glass to be pad prinking at just $0.25 each!  Check out our package today.  Your number 1 stop for  shot glasses personalized cheap with the text or logo of your choosing.  We offer your selection of color in the drop-down menu in the checkout option.  There is a one-time template charge of $10 which we then give you a product code so for your next order of the same template, this $10 will be waived.  Get your $0.25 Personalized Custom Shot glasses today!

Prime Time Prints custom shot glasses make adorable shot glass gifts for weddings with traditional options that are unique and original. Engraved shot glasses that are perfect party favors for weddings and toasting that can truly brighten your wedding receptions as well as bachelor and bachelorette parties. Pretty and adorable keepsakes feature a huge variety of graphics and the simplicity of you simply selecting the design, color, text, and color to personalize your glasses the way YOU want. Send your party or wedding guests back home with these high quality party favors as mementos of the special event or wedding! There is a minimum of 72 per order for packaging and due to the time it takes to set up the pad printing process; design for bulk printings and large events.

Heart felt shot glass with custom designs with a huge inventory of glasses and glassware for custom shot glasses and designs. Not only for the special moments in your life, but for the special people as well with our options for logos, business promo options, as well as collectibles and hilarious novelty shot glasses. These personalized shot glasses and gift items are great gifts for him or her and for those throwing office parties, you know you are getting party favors that are guaranteed to last for years to come to commemorate the special moment in a flashy chic way with unforgettable souvenirs.

For special events or festivals, our votive holders are great gifts with the same large range of graphics, colors and designs imprinted and customized in fun styles that make wonderful gifts for any type of event.

Gifts for him and her as well as the perfect gifts for him or her on theirbirthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and holidays. Prime Time Print allows wedding options featuring the couples name, wedding dates, and unique bridal designs. Prime Time Print offers expediate shipping on all our items during check out process. Prime Time

Print custom label water bottles and much more are a great and unique way to say thanks to all your family and friends at an affordable price. Wedding day party favors and gift items for your special day exclusively from Prime Time Print and are the same adorable items that you have seen or heard about from our trade shows. These glass items are sure to be treasured keepsakes for many years to come with the highest quality customization prints of all our glassware inventory.

Fundraising: If you would like to get going on fundraising we have been imprinting and customizing glassware for many years with products from shot glasses, to ceramic mugs as well as imprinted shot glasses and wedding packages. Direct from the factory wholesale discounted prices for all your imprinted glassware products with special offers each month.


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Customer Service

Customer service is a huge priority of ours and we offer around the clock customer support to make sure you get what you want out of your personalized shot glasses and in as quick of response time as possible.  What makes the Prime Time Print so special is its dedication to your satisfaction, our unbeatable prices, and our high quality pad printing customizations that offer high resolution designs that are dishwasher safe and highly in demand.

All our shot glasses are dishwasher safe and won’t fade from sunlight. is a leader in wholesale shotglasses connected with importers and distributors across the Midwest and abroad. Prime Time Print prides itself as being the leader in custom prints and imprinting services of all glass types and imprinting styles and we are always ready to help you make sure your special event is more than special, but also unforgettable.Purchase all your personalized engraved shot glasses that are printed with our unique pad printing process giving you emotional and dependable gifts that will move anyone with a pulse!

No matter what your special need is for your personalized glasses, Prime Time Print always goes the extra mile to give you and your businesses the special effort you deserve to guarantee your 100% satisfaction no matter how big or small the order is. The largest portion of our business comes from repeat customers and we take pride in our service and the pleasure of our customers. Customer trust is what keeps us going and thriving in this business.personalized glasses for unique party favors.

Personalized festival shot glasses

Personalized festival shot glasses



Wedding favors and party favors of unique shot glass imprinting that offers you and your guests a chance to each take home a souvenir and memento from the special wedding day to memorialize it forever.

Fund raising

Fund raisers by Prime Time Print are great for special occasions and event to make some money for the yourself or for your charitable causes. For businesses or restaurants; customized shot glasses make great drinkware gifts for all types of holiday events and office parties, as well as promotional products to sell, patron use, or to give away.

Prime Time Print is a wholesale factory with direct access to our online inventory catalog for customized glassware, plastic products, paper prints, and stainless steel customization. While our prices are cheap and affordable, our customized products and services are not. Personalized Shot Glass are great for Wedding party favors that will be a adorable keepsake for you and all your guests. At Prime Time Print, you can contact us for additional information about any any and all of our personalized glasses and custom products With Prime Time Printing, you can be totally sure that you are getting the best deals on your customized shot glasses. We offer unique and exclusive shot glasses at factory direct prices saving you a large sum of money compared to our competitors. We are motivated to give you a positive experience for your online shopping experience making it as simple and easy as possible. When you place your order with Prime Time Print you can rest assured that your order will be printed according to your specifications.

Customized shot glasses are the best way to tell a loved one that they are special to you and also to let all your guests know they are appreciated in your life with these gifts for the special moments in your life. Shot glasses are truly a festive gift item because of the collectible and showy aspect of them.

Shot glasses really stand out and look great with shot glass display cases. Prime Time Print is an honest company that creates customized shot glassesthat are personalized with your imagination in mind to share off your flare of your life and style in a gift item that is collectible and American as they come.

Prime Time Print offers a wide range of custom shot glasses in quantity amounts and styles ranging from tall shot glasses of 2 ounces, shooters, standard shot glasses as well as tinted and frosted Arcticware shot glasses.


Shot Glasses Make Great Promotional Products for your business or organization and we have a large selection of business promo shot glasses for all business promotional goods and office parties.

Customize one of our designs with your own images and text at cheap and affordable personalization prices are one of the greatest gifts and a way to show your business patrons and associates that your business means “business” As you will see below our personalized shot glasses will go above and beyond your expectations.

Our previous customers speak volumes of our work ethic and service. With our high qualityshot glasses you get budgeted advertising for your business in a smart and well thought out way. These give you a great return on your promotional investments. Prices as low as $0.50 each, these customized shot glasses generally sell well at $7 each!

For festivals and fundraisers this is even more reason to take advantage of the events in your area to get the top dollar on affordable items. There are many types of shot glasses that you can choose from and Prime Time Print has them all at low guaranteed prices for you or your organization and business. Anything from corporate events, office parties, bridal engagements, to novelty items; Prime Time Print prints it all.

How much money do you save on customized shot glasses buying from Prime Time Print?

Based on our regular prices; with this deal, another way to look at it, you are buying 1250 personalized shot glasses and getting 2750 customized shot glasses free!!

Based on industry standard pricing:

Industry pricing chart on customized shot lasses
Website Price each Total Price $ you wasted compared to us $1.03 $4,160 $3160 $6.60 $26400¥ $25400 $7.95 $31,800 $30,800 $9.70 $38800 $37800 $1.30 3610.10 $2610.10 $0.36 $1454 $454 $0.42 $1680 $680 $14.99 $59960 $58960

Personalized Shot glass package – customized  shotglasses cheap

99 out of 100 based on 8679 user ratings. $0.25 to $0.42 from Prime Time Print.

¥ To be fair, the customized shot glasses at are ceramic shot glasses since they didn’t have regular ones.  But that price of $6.60 each is just ridiculous!

If you have an odd number of shot glasses please call us at 231-736-4317 or email us at

Note: Due to the fact that we are pricing these at just pennies over the cost of the shot glass to customize them, we do not allow any discount codes of ours to be used on this.

  • Brand: Marck Associate Glass
  • Shipping weight is 750 for 4,000 shot glasses
  • Shot glass capacity: 1.5 ounce
We offer many cheap custom shot glasses with  no minimum with styles for your personalization needs such as frosted shot glasses, clear, and tinted shot glasses.  Options include image options, color, text, multiple shot glass variations, and font selection. 

Design your own unique custom shots

You can get the engraved shot glass made with your own design in the unique style that shows off your personal flair!  And not just that, but with Prime Time Print, you’ll be having your custom glass prints done cheap and affordable with bulk engravings as low as a quarter $0.25 each!

Special Event customizations

Custom printing services for shot glasses and personalized for your special events and occasions such as:

  • Weddings
  • Holidays, Graduations, and Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Festival Sales
    • Please read Top Ten Reasons to Sell at Festivals for additional festival information
  • And much more

Would you like to know how much a standard shot glass can contain?

How many ounces in a standard shot glass?

standard shot glass can hold 1.5 ounces of liquid.  There are tall shot glasses or shooters that can hold up to 2 ounces.

Shot Glass Display Cases

We have very sharp, shot glass display cases available at great prices. Visit our selection today!

All of these are high quality Oak cases really stand out.

If you are looking for personalized shot glasses with no minimum visit Personalized Shot Glass Biz

Prime Time Print offers personalized custom shot glass prints that are dishwasher safe and resistant to fading and sunlight exposure. If you are looking for the perfect customized gifts for that special person in your life, why not customize shot glasses with your loved ones name in sharp display? Shot glasses may be physically small, but with the collectible and souvenir aspect to them, these gift items are actually huge and memorable customized gifts. Prime Time Print glass designs are all personalized and as unique as the individuals that you are purchasing for.

Prime Time Print is the premiere online wholesale distributor and closeout company that helps start-up businesses and entrepreneurs to compete against larger companies.  Prime Time Print offers over 7,000 high quality goods at below wholesale and bulk prices.

Our catalog offers the option to personalize with stylish fonts and images for business means, promotional, or special occassions.

The complete catalog of wholesale products we have is divided into pricing sections, where you select the item number and the pricing checkout item that corresponds to it.  The images of these can be found on our whole sale page, or via downloadable pdf of the complete catalog and product pictures.

We offer our complete catalog of goods online, and are always just a phone call away.  Our catalog is divided into 3 main catagories; Glass, Plastics, and Metal.  Feel free to contact us for a catalog, you just need to send an email that confirms you have a business license and we can offer you our wholesale pricing.

These products are standard (non-personalized) stock product, our templating services have additional charges.

Some of our top items are shot glasses at wholesale pricing, votive items, Aristocrat, Vino glasses, and flutes.




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    I am stationed in Djibouti Africa at Camp Lemonnier. Please look this up. Take the worst place in your town and times 3 and this is what we have outside the gates here.

    Here’s what I am looking for. I am Looking at a price for 100 and 200 Shot glasses, clear (cheep) with ONE color design. Shipped here to

    PSC 831 Box 3325

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    This is very important we understand a TOTAL price shipped here. I want to know when I pull a class out of the box what it Cost us here. Please don’t say it might be, about this much, I’m not sure. I am looking for a total for 100 and for 200.

    Thank you for your time and sorry if I am being rude, I just having a hard time with companies not being up front with me.

    AOC Joe Fountain

    PS if we can get pass this pricing I will talk to you about Pint glasses.

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