6000 Personalized ceramic dinner plates printed with perfection in mind

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Custom dinner plates made of the finest ceramic and porcelain make great keepsakes for every visitor at your big event.  Check out our bulk packages available with prices as low as $0.17 cents per personalized porcelain plate printing!  Check out these exquisite dinnerware items today!

Porcelain plates customized

Porcelain plates customized

Personalized ceramic dinner plates printed with perfection in mind!  This month we are having special offers on the bulk orders with custom dinner plates printed at just $0.17 an item!  Such a great deal that even a Republican from the south could realize it!

Special offer this month for bulk orders of personalized porceline gold rim dinner plates.  Just $0.17 for each customized plate.  Total cost of these designer plates are great for large events giving your guests a chance to have a keepsake plate celebrating your big event.  Each plate is 8.5″ across and is made from the finest porceline that gives that pearly white glow as if its smiling back at you.

This package of 6,000 shows you how much money you save per print with Prime Time Print.  here is the costs at our competitors like DiscountMugs.  The price for 1-12 is $18.59.  No, its not total, its $18.59 each!  Even with their discount for bulk quantities; the best price you get for 6,000 plates is over $17000!  With us, you keep around $10,000 in your bank account!

The customization can be done with whichever color or design you choose.  We have a large selection of sample stock product images to use, or you can use your own.  The text can be any font of your choosing and you have options on the color you want as well.

Personalized ceramic dinner plates

Personalized ceramic dinner plates

This special offer is available for large bulk orders of 6,000.  If this is more than you need, we suggest a smaller package or with personalized plate pad printing done through us of your own products!  For $0.25 per print, we are the only pad printing company that allows for you to not have to buy all new plates, we let you save money by using your current porcelain or ceramic plates which we then customize for just the cost of the print service.  This is a great benefit to those who already have used dinnerware or barware that is in good enough shape to customize.

This is a great use for restaurants, bars, or large events that have the products already.  For custom plate of a lesser amount, or if you would like to get a quote to personalize your own products; please call us during business hours at (231)736-4317 or email us for a quote.

These custom plates are great for charity events, fundraisers, and large luncheons or banquets that let the special event really stand out.

Porcelain plates customized

Porcelain plates customized

Perfect for celebrating a special occasion or creating a unique dinner event.  Make your event stand out with these customized plates today!

Make your great event stand out today.  These plates were

  • Dishwasher safe, and no-toxic ceramic custom plates
  • 8.5″ porcelain plates

We also have a set of 4 package available of single ceramic dinner plates

Customize your plates today with the initial of your choice.  These authentic disalad plates become signature serving pieces or memorable gifts. The versatile white porcelain is a favorite throughout France, where home chefs, bistros and fine restaurants prefer its clean look, easy care and superior craftsmanship. These great custom dinner plates are ideal for any event.  Don’t miss out on the next beieveryday dining as well as entertaining. Plates with black monogram are microwaveable and oven and dishwasher safe; gold and platinum monograms are oven safe and hand washing is recommended, although not required.  8.5″ French made dinner plates.

personalized plate set of 4

Personalized plate set of 4 with single letter initial for distinguished entities

Shipping and Handling is free on all customized dinner plate packages


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Prod. Code: Personalized Business and Festival Plate

Prime Time Print offers high quality plates personalized which make great gift items for all occassions. 

You can add your name, image, icons or logos to the plate to give you the bling and flash you want in a gift.  Add additional spice to your meals with this nifty and eye-catching plate  highlighting the sharp pattern or text of your celebrated event.

Customized kitchenware like these plates are one of those unique gifts or heirlooms that really stand out at family meet and greets or special events.

You’ll just love these affordable wholesale custom plates the family will cherish these forever!

These stylish personalized dinner plates are also ideal for businesses, restaurants, and bars alike.   If you were looking for personalized plates for cars, check out our vanity plate page.


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