Personalized coffee cups and custom mugs

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Personalized coffee cups and custom mugs

Custom Ceramic Mugs and Personalized Coffee Mugs

Customized Mug or Covert Monitoring? Why the CIA Should Order Personalized Ceramic Mugs in Bulk

Nine out of ten spies agree: customized mugs are the best way to get intel on the enemy. Think about it – personalized mugs are appropriate for any workplace, so you could easily plant one on a target’s desk without anyone else even noticing!

Sure, customized mugs get a lot of attention because they’re frequently used, and their generous imprint area has fantastic potential for detailed logos, but that’s just the point! While your target and his or her colleagues (or “co-conspirators” if you will) are ogling the bold colors created by silk screen or the photo realistic transfer of full color Prime Time Print processing, you’ll be able to record every moment with your tiny camera and microphone (*not included*)!

Customized mugs also allow spies who are traveling to keep a close eye on their drink because their logo stands out so boldly. Don’t want any truth serum slipped into one of those standard, forgettable mugs without you noticing!

The personalized ceramic mugs QLP offers come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes, so you’ll never get tracked by carrying the same type of mug for too long. We also have special custom mugs like mood mugs that change color based on the liquid’s temperature and a spooner mug that comes with a spoon for stirring your drink; those customized mugs are little operatives all on their own.

Little bundle of Joy custom mugs

Little bundle of Joy custom mugs

For covert correspondence, we also offer customized ceramic mugs with lids on them! Simply slip your information inside, cover the top with a lid under the guide of keeping your beverage piping hot, and casually hand the personalized ceramic mug over to a fellow operative. Voila!

Government budgets are tight, and freelance assassins often don’t have benefits; we understand that money’s a touchy subject for the average spy. That’s why we offer plenty of different price points at a variety of minimum purchases to accommodate all budgets! Due to recent legal issues with foreign diplomats, we’re unable to exchange customized ceramic mugs for “favors,” but we’re more than happy to walk you through the order process from first sample to final sip!

Well, of course you could also use personalized mugs to promote your business or something, but the spy thing is way cooler.

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Touching photo mugs give you coffee and a smile.

Let your friends and family see the people they love over their morning coffee with personalized photo mugs from Vistaprint. For the holidays or other special occasions, photo mugs give your loved ones and colleagues a gift they’ll appreciate every day.With over 1400 different mug templates to choose from, you’ll easily find the right design for your recipient. After choosing your template, feel free to:

• Add personal text, your logo or an image

• Include up to four photos

• Order as many mugs as you’d like

Choose from three different photo arrangements: centered, in a collage or wrapped around the mug.

Nothing gives your loved one a better feeling than seeing their family on a custom ceramic mug come Christmas morning. For example, if a member of your family can’t make it to your house for the holidays, create a photo mug with all of you on it to let them know they’re in your thoughts.

Stumped on what to get your employees for Christmas? Create personalized mugs with a fun photo of your entire team along with your company name. Not only will they appreciate the gift, they’ll prove it by using it every day!

Winter holidays are all about spreading joy and cheer to those you love. With photo mugs, you’ll do just that, all without breaking the bank. At Vistaprint, if you don’t love everything about your mugs, let us know and we’ll make it right – guaranteed. So pick your template, choose your options and start creating your own personalized photo mugs today!


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