Personalized holiday cards and custom Christmas Card printing

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Personalized holiday cards and custom Holiday Card printing – Prime Time Print personalized cards takes greeting cards to a whole new level by letting you add your own customized touch to every card you create. In just a few simple clicks you can add photos, a personal message, and even your signature to create a truly unique greeting card for anyone. Surprise someone on their birthday with a personal message just for them, celebrate an anniversary with a photo of the happy couple, even go wild with those cute kid photos and show everyone how fast your little ones are growing. The ideas are endless, and so are the smiles when everyone receives your thoughtful customized greeting cards. Oh, and we’ll even get them in the mail for you. You just focus on having fun and making awesome one-of-a-kind cards.

personalized holiday cards

personalized holiday cards

and much more!  The best unexpected gift you can give.

What customers have to say about our Personalized holiday cards
When Holiday cards are gifts!Recommended sites of WSJ and Daily Candy

“I ordered Picture in a Portrait Holiday cards several times before and even after Christmas. Instead of making it our Holiday cards, I made them with photos I have taken through out the year as a nature photographer. Then I broke them down into bundles of 6, inserted them, with their envelopes, and gave them as gifts or with gifts. My most recent order was a photo of 2 Canada Geese standing in the bend of a dirt road. I ordered 10 of them and gave the whole group to my husband who often sends notes to people in the church to encourage them, to congratulate them, or just to maintain contact. Prime Time Print makes it easy to turn my photos into quality note cards. (Note: rather than send Holiday cards, I make a donation from our family to a charity.) I love Prime Time Print’s products as they are the best quality products on the web.”

Personalized Holiday Cards


“I have made and ordered tons of stuff from Prime Time Print and always been more than pleased with the results! All of my Holiday and greeting cards are personalized this way. I recommend Prime Time Print to all my family and friends and offer to get them started and show them how to make cards and photo books. I love your products and service. I probably need to go to SFA (Prime Time Print anonymous) meetings. I make a personalized calendar every year, for me and others. I make a photo book after every cruise or vacation. I make 100 page family photo books for all my family members every single year, and will as long as you guys are in business. And I make lots of greeting cards, labels and unique photo gifts, as well. Actually, you should probably hire me to be your PR representative!!! Keep up the good work. Oh, and I have also experienced you standing behind your work and replacing a photo book that had unexplained markings on a number of pages. Thanks for that!”

Holiday came early

“Each year we make our own cards using personal artwork. After initially being happy with who we used, their service and quality went downhill. We then used other companies and finally decided this year to try Prime Time Print. We were not disappointed. It was so easy to order and proof. The prices were reasonable and our order arrived before we new it. We love how they turned out and will be using Prime Time Print for. Our future cards. They make it easy and make our cards look fantastic!”


Special offers on Card Prints and Personalized holiday cards for Prime time Print

Signature Sig. Folded Premium Premium Folded
Quantity Price Per Card
10 $2.49 $2.69 $3.29 $3.69
20 $2.39 $2.59 $3.19 $3.59
30 $2.34 $2.54 $3.14 $3.54
40 $2.29 $2.49 $3.09 $3.49
50 $2.24 $2.44 $3.04 $3.44
60 $2.19 $2.39 $2.99 $3.39
70 $2.14 $2.34 $2.94 $3.34
80 $2.09 $2.29 $2.89 $3.29
90 $2.04 $2.24 $2.84 $3.24
100 $1.99 $2.19 $2.79 $3.19
125 $1.97 $2.17 $2.77 $3.17
150 $1.95 $2.15 $2.75 $3.15
175 $1.93 $2.13 $2.73 $3.13
200 $1.91 $2.11 $2.71 $3.11
225 $1.90 $2.10 $2.70 $3.10
250 $1.89 $2.09 $2.69 $3.09
275 $1.88 $2.08 $2.68 $3.08
300 $1.87 $2.07 $2.67 $3.07
325 $1.86 $2.06 $2.66 $3.06
350 $1.85 $2.05 $2.65 $3.05
375 $1.84 $2.04 $2.64 $3.04
400 $1.83 $2.03 $2.63 $3.03
425 $1.82 $2.02 $2.62 $3.02
450 $1.81 $2.01 $2.61 $3.01
475 $1.80 $2.00 $2.60 $3.00
500 $1.79 $1.99 $2.59 $2.99
Personalized holiday cards for the past few years I have relied on Prime Time Print to help me with my Holiday cards. The quality, speed of delivery, and price make them the perfect way to spread holiday cheer among my friends and family. No matter what type of photo product I’ve needed, I’ve been able to rely on Prime Time Print for the best on-line experience.”

Personalized Holiday Cards and Custom Holiday Cards

Prime Time Custom Printing’s Crafts for Kids
Custom Printable Greeting Cards

STEP 1: Choose the Type of Card

  • Birthday Cards
  • Congratulations
  • Party Invitations Use for Birthdays,
  • Church Picnics,
  • Seasonal Parties,
  • Baby Showers
  • Seasonal Cards Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day, Fourth of July, Happy Holidays, Halloween, Mother’s Day, Season’s Greetings, Saint Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day
  • Thank You Cards
  • Money Cards Perfect size for slipping a cash gift or gift certificate into.

Other custom Christmas Card printing

  • Get Well Soon
  • Missing You
  • Sympathy
  • Thinking of You

Sending personalized Holiday cards is a long honored tradition. The holiday custom is probably linked to our ties with England, where the tradition began more than one hundred and fifty years ago.

We are always aware of our family and friends, but there is something about the holiday season, winter and the wind-up of the year that brings them to the fore.

The Gallery Collection selection of custom and company Holiday cards provides a range of exceptional cards that can meet the needs of everyone. Our personalized holiday cards extend into a variety of categories that include specific Merry Holiday cards or simply Season’s Greeting cards for different holiday considerations if a Holiday holiday theme doesn’t apply. For example, if you have someone who is serving in the armed forces, there are several designs using our beloved “Stars and Stripes” and red, white, and blue colors. Any service person would be grateful for your thoughtfulness upon receiving one of these cards.

Celebrate the custom Christmas Card printing with a design from a contemporary artist or one from an art gallery of custom Holiday cards. You can use one of our holiday season’s greetings or religious Holiday cards and add a Bible passage or a brief personal message, or you can opt for customizing your greeting card and provide a more detailed message of your own.

Not sure of your recipient’s personal belief system? Why not let them know you are thinking of them by sending a card from our wildlife selections of animal cards. You can wish them peace and happiness for the New Year, and brighten their day with an awe inspiring winter scene. On a lighter note, you can choose a band of merry snowmen or the startling red of the awesome cardinal in winter for your selection of custom holiday cards.

Of course, there is also the opportunity to showcase your beautiful custom Christmas Card printing. We have several attractively designed photo cards for Holiday to frame your holiday season picture perfectly.

Greeting card prints by PTP

Featuring a beautiful finish in an ultra white shade. This paper is perfect for housing your inspired designs. Envelopes with return address included.

Acid-free archival · uncoated, writeable

SIGNATURE Christmas CARDS prints

120 lb paper featuring a silky smooth finish in an ultra white shade. Envelopes included. Add your return address for $1.29 each.

15 pt thickness · acid-free archival · uncoated, writeable

And if your personalized Holiday card need extends itself to groups or corporations, take a look at our more formal business Holiday cards that can give more of a company feel to your cards with logos. Either way, with details such as card embossing, lustrous foils, vibrant colors, and overall quality of our greeting cards, you will realize there is nothing quite like The Gallery Collection.

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December 4, 2012Holiday Cards

“I am so impressed with the Holiday cards I ordered! The photo of my house on the front is beautiful! The paper and quality of printing on the card are first rate! I will plan on ordering cards for other occasions from Prime Time Print!”

Personalized features you’ll love

Because your holiday card should be unique and personal, we offer  features that allow you to easily customize any card.

Unique designs

PTP’s community of artists have created exclusive designs to fit any style. With more than 170 designs, from modern crafty and everyday chic to understated classic, we offer a card for everyone.

5 x 7 · Flat · Folded · Landscape · Portrait

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About: Holiday cards and Holiday Cards

Prime Time Print’s custom holiday cards and Holiday cards are a great way to celebrate this holiday season. Need more from your holiday cards? Keep friends informed with updates on each member of your family with ourholiday story cards. Transform your favorite photos and create personalized Holiday invitations, New Year’s cards, and Holiday thank you cards. Prime Time Print has holiday cards, party invitations, and announcements for every holiday occasion.

Prime Time Custom Printing’s Crafts for Kids
Custom Greeting Cards

If you are looking for a way to create a themed greeting card with a custom, personal message, then you have come to the right place.  In the following steps you will:

  • Choose from a variety of free printable greeting cards (and matching envelopes) including
    • Birthday Cards
    • Congratulations
    • Greetings
    • Party Invitations
    • Thank You Cards
    • Generic Greeting Cards Set 1 (Thinking of You, Missing You, Sympathy, etc)
  • Choose a colour card or a black and white card that you may colour yourself.
  • Choose a picture for the front of your card.  We have a variety of themes for you to choose from.
    • When choosing a color image, keep in mind the abilities of your particular printer — some images are “drawings” and some are “photo quality” (lots more colors).
    • If you don’t have a photo quality printer, the images with lots of color in the background may not turn out as nice as the images of just the character.
  • Choose from pre-formatted titles for the face of your card or choose the ‘blank’ option to leave room at the top of your card to write your own title after you print your card.

    Add a return address

    Envelopes are included with every card order. Save time by adding your return address on the envelope flap. This service is free with Premium Cards and just $1.29 per envelope with Signature Cards.  

  • Type your own message for the inside of the card and format it.

If you change your mind about some of your selections, you can change them at any point in the process by using your browsers back button to back through the steps and change your selection.  If you have any questions, please take a look at our list of frequently asked questions.  If that does not help, please feel free to email us your question.

Personalize the whole card

Why limit photos and text to the front and inside of a card? PTP allows you to personalize the entire card, including the back. Announce a new baby, share a new address or show off more beautiful photos.
A PTP exclusive.

Add multiple photos

You shouldn’t be limited to the number of photos you see in a design. With PTP, you can add photos to any design so your card turns out just the way you want it. A PTP exclusive.


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