Shot glass display cases and glass cabinets

Product Description

Shot glass display cases and glass cabinets made of high-quality display cases for your collectible shot glasses.  Present them like a pro and show them off with these fine crafted 100% American-made shot glass display cabinets.

Our shotglass cases are the best quality and 100% American.  Item shown above: BLACK Finish with a glossy protective coat (Shot Glasses sold separately). If you do not see the item picture above, please click the “Reload/Refresh” icon of your browser.

Shot glass display case shown above : Black Finish (Front) with glass lacquer.  Natural 100% Wood. (shot glasses not included).

144 Shot Glass Display Case Cabinet with hinged door
Shot glass display cases and glass cabinets

Product Description
This display case is a masterpiece for serious shot glass collectors. A great way to display your Shot Glass/Shooter/Mini-Liquor collections. Felt background creates a lovely contrast. 11 shelves to hold 144 shot glasses when fully loaded. Each shelf in between are removable to accommodate tall shot glasses or mini liquors. Brass door hinges and latches. Wall brackets on the back of the display case for hanging (wall mounted). Metal anchors for support included. Hinged plexi-glass/acrylic door to protect from dust and damage.

High Quality Shot Glass display case with collector’s Cabinet Case (holds 144 shots)

Product Description

Our amazingly fine-craft shot glass display case shown below easily holds and displays up to 144 shot glasses and shooters. This display cabinet is a great way to proudly show off your favorite shot glass collectables in a presentable way.

The case totals come with 11 shelves with 12 rows of space; bottom row included. Shown below on the 144 shot glass case pictures, there are 2 rows with a shelf remove in between to display taller shot glasses. If you put back the 2 shelves of the shot glass case, it will hold 144 regular size shot glasses. Our process has been repeat sanded many time to add that super fine smooth and shiny surface and breathtakingly sophisticated appearance. The shot glass case displays have felt backgrounds to form that lovely display. The display cases have hinged-doors with latches to secure it from dust and damage.  Wall brackets on the postior of the cabinet case is design to all hanging (wallmounting)


  • Dimensions: 36.5″ Height X 25.5″ Width X 4″ Depth
  • Item Weight (net): 21 lbs
  • Interior: 34.5″ height X 23.5″ width 3″ Depth.  
  • Space inbetween the rows: 2.5″ Height with all shelves inserted. With each shelf in between removed the tall space would be an additional 5.25″ height.

Listed was for the Oak Finish before the date of July 10th. Currently listing is for the BLACK FINISH only.

We strive on giving you the highest quality craftwork on all of our products and services, and customer service is our highest priority at Prime Time Print. Our quality is Satisfaction Guaranteed. In manufacturing, each piece of 100% American all natural hardwood is individually hand selected to provide each display case the best materials for all of our display cases. While our cases involve an extensive amount of handwork, our craftsmen have used only the finest woodworking techniques.

Our collectible souvenir display cases give you all the bases of “Value”: Great Price, Quality, Durability, craftsmanship, workmanship, and Functionality…which you will love today and tomorrow and for years to come

Shot glass cabinet with wooden cabinet display – 25 shots


Item shown above: WALNUT Finish with a semi-gloss protective lacquer. (shotglasses sold separately). If you do not see the item picture above, please click the “Reload/Refresh” icon of your browser.

Glass display case

Glass display case

Product Description
Shotglass wooden display case that holds up to 25 shotglass with the regular slots holding regular shot glasses. A great way to display your Shot Glass collections. Made of Solid wood. Matted background to create a lovely display.  Brass hinges, door latches, and wall brackets to hang. Glass door cover to protect from dust and damage.

Dimensions: 15 inch height by 14 & 5-eighths inch width by  3 & 5/8 inch depth                       

Item weight: 9 lbs.

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