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Let us design your business website with all the features to get your business or organization profitable with our business packages and promo products today.

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With our website design, hosted through Citymax, you get up to 500 pages, 500 product slots, 500 images, and much more.  We will help you with step-by-step phone, email, and video tutorials to help design the page as close to your liking as we can at an unbeatable price.

Sites are designed for e-commerce!

If you would like to check out website availability (domain name availability); simply type in the name of the website you would like to own, i.e. type that location in your address bar, if an error message appears saying that page couldn’t be found, then most likely it is available.  Also, if a GoDaddy, or website parking message appears, that means it could be available also.  After finding if your site is available, next go to and type in the name of the domain you want, and they will tell you if it is available and what the site is selling for.  Most times, it is under $11 a year for a website domain name.  .nets and other are as low as $3.99!

Website e-Commerce Design Special – $250 off Special Offer!!

This month only we are offering special pricing for our website design.  If you let us include 3 links to our page on an non-menued page on your website; we will take off $250.  And no, you are not stuck forever with our link; you only need to have it included for the first six months of your website site and the $250 rebate requirements will be furfilled.

Simply enter the promo code: link4rebatePTP during your checkout.

Website design experts

How many pages for your website are included?

Prime Time Print gives your website a design of up to 500 pages (we do your first 100 pages) personalized to your liking; up to 500 catalog items (we do 200 of your items); along with website design tutorials to take advantage of your other 400 pages, your catalog items, and offer pageranking tips, google search optimization, discounted prices on wholesale items available to use as resale; tutorials on SEO, and lifelong support on your website.   Feel free to call us for more information on this package and the design options at (231)736-4317

What is included in the website design package:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) design of all websites: including tutorials, articles and blog posts on the newest SEO guidelines and strategies.
  • Google webmaster tools tutorial
  • product catalog of 500 items possible
  • 500 images possible
  • website banner creation
  • discounted prices on wholesale items
  • 1 item of yours parked imediately on our site along with SEO! (ask about this for more information)
  • Tutorial access of SEO tools, webmaster information, Ebay optimizing, Amazon seller account info, promotional products access
  • Invitation to our webring subscription services newsletter (your business and website will be included in our newsletter
  • Search engine submissions (submissions into 1,000 top search engines)
  • Google places submission
  • Yelp submission
  • Pinterest Postings of 10 of your key items of sale
  • Digg submissions
  • Submission to Dmoz (there is no guarantee that this submission will be accepted by the Dmoz community; this is based on your business information, and quality of business you own).  But if you do get accepted to Dmoz, you will notice a great boast in your Google Page rank.
  • Site map tools
  • Twitter and Craigslist pdf tutorial and optimization strategy
  • You will be included in our business community newsletter each month
  • If you have a business logo, we can turn it into a sharp image that is internet friendly for your website.
  • Banner creation
  • If you would like to make money on your site with Google links in your page; we can set up your site to be GoogleAdsense enabled.  Visit Google Adsense for more information on this program.  We use it on all our sites.  If you use Adsense, it does not mean that you need to put it on your main pages; so you can avoid putting Google ads on your business or organizational pages, but yet still have them on lesser pages, drawing traffic, links, and MONEY for you!

Website Design Information and Features

  • Clickable menu buttons which help organize your page for your viewers and organized for google bots to read with ease.
  • Large selection of styles to choice from with a variety of themes.
  • Image additions; we will put your first 100 images for your pages and product pictures; with 400 additional for you to select at the fixed rate price.  We give you step-by-step instructions for how to add additional images after the 100 we include for you.
  • SE Submissions:  We submit your website into a list of the top 1,000 search engines for your field.  Including all the major search engines, as well as search engines for specific businesses and organization related to your page.  This gives your site a killer edge against other businesses.
  • Product catalog:  Up to 100 items of your product will be added by us to your website.  For the fixed pricing, you get an additional 400 items to add.  Your shopping cart will have the options for gettting information from the buyer, an automatic thank you sent to your customer after an order is processed, drop-down menu for style options (this for instance is used by us often for our personalization services; we will have drop down menus of the text color, font style, etc.
  • Banner creation: We create high quality banners to be used for you for promotion on your website, in email messages, or postings; these banners are clickable to the link you select.
  • Website purchase – we help you purchase the website of your name through to have it in YOUR name or YOUR BUSINESS NAME unlike other webmasters that purchase it under their name.  Not us; our goal is to get your page designed the way you want, give you all the information through tutorials, videos, phone calls (we like to be very close with our customers and love to go over things via phone or email, whichever you prefer), then after we hand over the reigns to you, it is all yours with no further connection to us after you take over your website.
  • 10 DVD set to get you filled-in on website editing, online marketing, credit card processing, shopping cart items, and much more
  • Meta tag, keywords, and google search engine submission
  • 20 additional search engine submissions
  • 2 year customer support on website 

Web design involves the structure of the website including the information architecture (navigation schemes and naming conventions), the layout or the pages (wireframes or page schematics are created to show consistent placement of items including functional features), and the conceptual design with branding.

All websites should begin with a clear strategy so that it is apparent what they are trying to achieve. The strategy then enables the design to fullfill defined goals.

For a quote today on your customized products call us at 231-736-4317!


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