Why use promotional products?

Why use promotional products?

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24 Nov 2012


Use promotional products

Use promotional products

Why Use Promotional Products?
What Promotional Products Can Do for You!
We solve marketing problems and create new marketing opportunities for your business!
Promotional products are powerful weapons in your marketing arsenal. Some of the proven uses for ad specialty items include:


Another thing that can be counted as an advantage is that they are used everyday.  Drinking coffee is not seasonal; in fact people drink coffee no matter what the season.  Unlike other promotional items that have limited use, personalized travel mugs can be used for a long time.  Furthermore, size wouldn’t be a problem since any size will do.  Compared with a shirt, giving away personalized businesss is safe because you do not have to worry about the size.


Decide which option to use customized coffee mugs as a give away, aside from the design or logo, you have to think about the kind of material that you want to use.  There are a variety of materials to choose from.  The material that you will use should coincide with the image that you want your company to project.  As an example, if you want people to think of your company as powerful you can use metal cups.  Aside from projecting a powerful image, it also connotes a sophisticated and professional image.  Another example is using a wrong material for the image that you want others to perceive.  Like using metal mugs with a company name like Flower Bed Town.  This name would be more suited to a ceramic mug since a ceramic mug would imply affection and it is more personal.  Since the company is in the business of selling flowers, flowers are usually considered feminine so it will be more appropriate if ceramic coffee mugs are used.  Another feeling associated with it is warmness, so it would be absurd to use a material that implies coldness.  Lastly, when plastic mug is used it means that your business is flexible.  It shows that anybody can use pad printing for business and promo means.
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Student Credit Card ReviewHow Promotional Products Can be Used to Help Your CompanyBy Jill HarnessFOLLOW USSHARE
You may be considering promotional products, but wonder how they can help your company. Believe it or not, these tiny little investments can often provide you with a better return on your investment than billboards or bench ads in the community. Sure ads like billboards may be noticed as people are driving around town, but they are much more expensive than a giveaway item and will only appear in one place, where promotional products can travel around from place to place. In fact, promotional products can help your company in a number of ways you may have never thought of. Here are a few ideas of how these giveaways can help promote your company:
Getting passed along. Items like pens or pencils are tiny investments, but the reality is that they are seen on a regular basis and often passed along to people who would never have heard of your company otherwise. Most businesses are going to make pens and pencils available to their customers and when they are accidentally removed from your premise, wouldn’t you rather they help promote your business to everyone who uses them?
Daily reminders. Some things, like desk calendars and chip clips may not ever leave the possession of the person you gave them to, but they can be seen every day by that potential customer. This is a great way to subtlety send your message on a regular basis.
Walking billboards. Ever wonder why so many companies give away tee shirts and hats? It’s a double promotion. The person wearing your shirt or cap will think about your business when they put them on and then everyone who sees them throughout the day will be reminded of your services as well. Can you ask for a better low-cost investment?
Local goodwill. Consider giving away low-cost items at a community even in
exchange for a mention as a sponsor. This will result in potential customers getting your promotional products for future use. Overall goodwill towards your company gets your neighbors thinking about how great it was of you to have provided free items at the event.
Corporate gifts. If you have higher-end clientele, a simple tee shirt may not cut it, but a gourmet gift set or a stunning desk accessory may impress your potential client and leave a lasting impression in his or her memory.
Employee rewards. Not all promotional products need to be used for advertising. You can also provide employee incentives and small reminders at your company parties with these items. It’s always good to remember that a happy employee is a productive employee and just because you have a small business doesn’t mean you can’t afford to reward your employees from time to time.
Now that you’ve got some ideas as to why you should purchase promotional products, be sure to read our reviews on the best promotional products stores and our other resource article about Choosing The Right Promotional Products For Your Needs.
A business card is your lifeline to customers and one of the most basic – and useful – marketing tools on the planet. It really can play a big role in helping you gain, or lose the interest of a potential customer. Your card represents you when you are no longer there, or many even be the “face” of you and your business to people who’ve never met you. You need a well-designed card that conveys the proper image and information about your business. And it has to be concise. An effective card can:


  • Attract new customers



  • Increase repeat business



  • Inspire customer loyalty



  • Establish name recognition



  • Improve client relations



  • Reactivate old accounts



  • Support sales by dealers



  • Encourage innovation



  • Create a good reputation



  • Celebrate anniversaries 



  •  Solidify corporate identity



  •  Motive sales staff



  •  Commemorate special events



  •  Build an image 



  •  Promote safety, teamwork and productivity



  •  Stimulate trade show traffic



  •  Announce sales



  •  Cultivate goodwill in the community



  •  Express appreciation



  •  Apologize for a lapse in service



  •  Get attention



  •  Solve problems


Numerous case studies document the effectiveness of promotional products. One fast-food restaurant’s investment of $181 in promotional products resulted in more than $1200 increase in food sales. One study found that promotional products increase the response to direct mail up to 75%.

PPAI has released the 2003 sales figures showing what types of products were ordered:

Power Of Promotional Products Revealed In New Study
A survey recently conducted for PPAI by LJ Market Research reveals the power of promotional products by measuring how end users respond to organizations that use promotional products as part of their marketing mix.

The survey, Promotional Products – Impact, Exposure and Influence: A Survey of Business Travelers at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, was conducted by interviewing business travelers at DFW Airport. More than 71 percent of travelers indicated they had received at least one promotional product in the last 12 months.

The study also showed that respondents’ ability to recall the name of an advertiser on a promotional product they had received (76 percent) was much better than their ability to recall the name of an advertiser from a print publication they had read in the past week (53.5 percent).

Highlights from the study will be featured in the January 2005 issue of PPB.

The 80-page survey report will be available after November 8 in the PPAI Bookstore for $25 for PPAI members and $40 for nonmembers. Pre-orders will be accepted. E-mailBookstore@ppa.org or call June Peters at 972-258-3087. Ask for item number RS8031

 1000’s of Marketing Ideas: Check out what kind of promotional products companies use in their business.

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